The National Football League (NFL) is the highest level of football available in the United States. It was formed in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association and kept this title for two years. In 1922 it changed its name to the NFL. Until 1933 there were no playoff games. The team with the best record won the title. In 1958, your NFL tickets bought you a seat to view the “Greatest Game Every Played”. Yes…that is what the Super Bowl was called then. How times have changed. Speaking of the Super Bowl, it has become one of the most watched sporting evens in the world. Not only are the NFL tickets for the Super Bowl hot, but so is a commercial slot during the Super Bowl. Advertisers will pay millions for a thirty- second spotlight during a Super Bowl game. The NFL has the highest attendance numbers per game than any other sports league in the country. NFL tickets sold per game averages 67,394. That is an amazing number. When you consider the fact that several teams with cold winters still play in an open field, it is truly amazing. NFL tickets for teams like the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers are hot sellers. Those fans don’t care if it’s 0 degrees outside with a wind-chill factor of -30 below. They will dress in layers and layers and get warmth from the camaraderie and a good old-fashioned grid-iron match up.

Parents enroll their kids in football leagues when they are still in grade school. When they play in high school, parents are sitting in the stands at a Friday Night Lights game. The college football playoff grid has turned into this intricate system of conferences and Bowl games that to many, is confusing.

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